About Eleanor Cahalane

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My interest in working with wood began in 2005 after attending my first wood carving lesson.

I work with many types of wood and each piece of wood is like a mosaic and unique. As wood retains a lot of it’s energy and life force after it has been cut I like to bring out the different features of wood working by hand with chisels and gouges and a variety of hand tools.  The presence or absence of bark and the natural colouring result in unique creations. I also use different surface textures to create a different feel which can be enhanced by light.

My work is very personal and it’s a flow from the heart and senses. I find that adding layers of paint adds a fantastic depth and interest to a piece. My inspiration is drawn from the wood itself, nature, Celtic images, Irish language and history. The intricate carved pieces and sculptures are the result of a process of design and time. Pieces are sealed and finished using a furniture oil  or wax to preserve its beauty with as soft and natural finish. The addition of paint and colour are sometimes added for another layer of interest and fun to a piece.

My work has been exhibited in the 2016 Regions of Clonakilty and Rosscarbery exhibition in Uileann, the West Cork Arts and Crafts in Skibbereen. The wooden letters have become a favourite for marking special occasions such as births and are custom made to order. I am also available for commissions of commemorative pieces to mark  and honour special moments.



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